Known and renowned quality
Known and renowned quality

Known and
renowned quality

Our La Naucelloise brand is a pledge of total trust in the quality of our products.

Customers are fully aware of this thanks to their longstanding loyalty. Our stringent selection of ingredients, our fully-controlled expertise and our global quality approach have forged the reputation of our regional produce canning plant.

Present on the tables of the prestigious restaurants across France, distributed in fine food stores and delicatessens and listed by the major retailers, La Naucelloise is a brand synonymous with customer satisfaction.

The acknowledgement of the Tripou Academy, the many quotes and articles in specialised media, TV and radio all spur us into continuing to progress forwards.

The same flame burning away beneath the pots

With over forty years of following the same recipes, the same carefully kept secrets simmer away in the La Naucelloise pots.

It all started back in 1966, when Charles Savy then butcher-delicatessen in Naucelle won the Grand Prix National du Meilleur Tripou (national highest best tripou award) in Rodez. This acknowledgement was to lead to the creation of the La Naucelloise company. It is this famous production of tripous that was to win La Naucelloise such acclaim and national notoriety.

For three generations now La Naucelloise has been perpetuating the taste of the regional gastronomy thanks to the diversity of its traditional and organic product ranges.

Tripous, tripes, pâtés, jambonneaux (ham hocks) and ready meals make up the La Naucelloise current offering boasting traditional and inventive cuisine.

It ensures the flame beneath the "La Naucelloise" pots burns as vigorously as ever to the delight of all the lovers of our regional products.