How to order ?

How to order from La Naucelloise ?

With the website

Our website is entitled to receive your orders. These can be paid by credit card, check or bank transfer..

In the case of payment by credit card, we use the secure payment system of Crédit Agricole. This means that credit card payments on are secured by the best current systems and never has access to your credit card numbers.

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Payment by bank transfer :

Règlement par carte bancaire On our website, we also allow you to pay by bank transfer..
Your order will be processed upon receipt of your payment..

By email

You can send your orders by email to the address below. Thank you to include your phone number, so we can check your entire order.


By mail

You can send your orders and your payment to the address below.
La Naucelloise
Customer Service
Z.A. de Merlin
12800 Naucelle-Gare

Payment Security

The security of credit card payments

logo Crédit Agricole Transactions made on this website are secured by the payment system of the Crédit Agricole e-transactions.
When you enter your bank details, you are directly in connection with the payment server of Crédit Agricole. do not know your credit card number and it is not stored on its server.

In addition, all information exchanged with Crédit Agricole is encrypted using the SSL protocol and can not be intercepted or altered. With e-transactions, you have the guarantee that the merchant with whom you are dealing is referenced to cash transactions over the Internet.

At the end of the transaction, and before returning to the merchant's website, e-transaction presents an electronic ticket covering all the elements of the payment and the result of the demand for bank authorization (transaction accepted or canceled).

The different steps of secure payments by credit card online.

1. For each payment request, the buyer switches from the's server, to the e-transactions payment server in connection with the banking world.

2. The buyer enters an payment page, encrypted SSL,

3. Entering the card number and license application. The connection between the buyer and e-transactions server is established in HTTPS, secure with SSL, which encrypts all information exchanged. This protection protects the data sent via the Internet and warrants to the purchaser that his credit card number can be intercepted in plain by a third during its transfer to e-transactions secure server.

4. The bank's authorization center sends an authorization number or a refusal. If payment is accepted, then the e-transactions system does the following :
- payment confirmation display on the buyer's screen
- send payment confirmation by e-mail to The card number is NEVER referred to

5. After the payment, the buyer is redirected to the website where he can get on his visit.

Make sure you are in secure mode when paying online.
In this case, a closed padlock appears at the bottom of the window of the navigation software :

Cadenas sous internetWith Internet Explorer

Cadenas sous nescapeWith Netscape

The beginning of the website address http://www indicated at the top of the screen changes to https://www The "S" after "http" indicates that the communication is protected.